Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

Our organisation is Professional Speakers Australia, with the emphasis on speaking. While we pay total respect to other modes such as consultants and coaches (and indeed, many of us fulfill some of those modes at different times), the emphasis for accreditation is being placed upon the ability to capture an audience with your speaking.

Since the CSP designation is an international designation, the accreditation requirements must meet as closely as possible, the same standards used by the other accrediting organisations elsewhere in the world (such as the NSA in the United States).

Professional Speakers Australia also processes accreditation applications for candidates belonging to other GSF Member Organisations, outside Australia, including applications from New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Europe for example. The Australian CSP guidelines have been prepared in consideration of the CSP NSA requirements, and the Global Speakers Federation Harmonisation Task Force.

The base principle of the accreditation process is that the most important determinant of suitability for a particular designation is the market itself.

If a speaker is delivering presentations that the market is consistently willing to pay for, then that revenue generating capability forms the foundation of the granting of designations. To that end, the process in relation to verifying revenue is rigorous. It is this rigour that gives the process and the designations themselves credibility.

All designations are only valid while a person is a financial member of Professional Speakers Australia or one of the GSF associations. If a member ceases to be a member of any affiliated association, their designation is removed and they must remove it from all their marketing materials and products. If a person rejoins an affiliated association, they must re-apply for their designation.

Certified Speaking Professional Requirements

  • A CSP applicant must have been a financial member of PSA for a minimum of six months prior to applying.
  • The threshold revenue required for application is $80,000 in each of five of the past seven years, being a total of $400,000+
  • Presentations which are used for the purposes of seeking the CSP designation,or provided as evidence of competence in a video file, must attract a minimum speaking fee of $1000 or equivalent in presentation generated income (PGI)
  • The minimum number of presentations required to achieve the threshold is 5 in each year, over the 5 – 7 year threshold i.e. a minimum of 25 presentations in total.
  • If a speaker achieves the total threshold in income ($400,000) and the minimum number of presentations (25) in less than five years, then provided they have been a financial member of PSA for six months, and have attended at least 2 PSA events, they may apply when these thresholds are reached. PSA events include: Chapter Events, Annual Convention, Platform Professionals (income eligibility stat dec required), or special events as they may be hosted by PSA
  • Presentations which meet all the criteria, but which were made prior to the applicant becoming a member of PSA may be counted (but an application cannot be made until the applicant has been a member of PSA for six months)
  • Applications must include a full length DVD/video/ digital recording of the applicant presenting a keynote to a live, paying audience. The video must be of one of the presentations being counted in the application. This video will be subject to peer review.

Global Speaking Fellow

Already hold a CSP? Have you considered applying to become a Global Speaking Fellow via the Global Speakers Federation? Find out more here.

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