Platform Professionals™

Platform Professionals™ events are open to speakers who have achieved the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation or who have earned in excess of $300,000 in speaking related revenue in the past 12 months.

One of the great gifts we are given when you attend a PSA Platform Professionals™ Summit is the opportunity to connect with like minded people. People who get what you do, who can relate to the challenges you face as a Professional Speaker, Educator, Facilitator and Coach. These Summits have been designed to deliver four key outcomes …

  1. Provide you with great INSIGHTS;
  2. For your experts to share specific business building INFORMATION;
  3. Create an environment for you to clarify the IDEAS for your improvement as a professional;
  4. For you to walk away with an IMPLEMENTABLE plan for progress.

Come join us to listen to Professionals who are on the cutting edge in our industry, share your insights with your Colleagues and mix with a community who want to get better in their business, with their topic and in their life.

Enquiries to or 1300 739 993


A testimonial for the August 2020 online Platform Professionals™ Summit:

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity for all the CSPs to get together online. What a supportive and inspiring community it is – it isn’t just bragging about what conquests we have made but a true heartfelt exchange of the difficulties we are facing and new ways to reinvent and develop ourselves. No matter our situation there is something for every CSP to benefit from. I left the last one feeling far more hopeful about my situation and inspired! So much still to learn and these online summits make the learning so much easier. Thank you to everyone involved in organising them. I will be on everyone!” Rachel Green CSP, An international leader in online emotional intelligence coaching and development, The Emotional Intelligence Institute.

Want to know more? Watch these video testimonials from Platform Professionals™ participants to hear what other speakers say about PPS:

*Eligibility to attend PPS: Have achieved the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation or earn in excess of $300,000 in speaking related revenue in the past 12 months.

Upcoming Platform Professionals™ Events:

  • The next Platform Professionals™ Summit, will be held 4-5 December2020. Register now!! 

Platform Professionals™ Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about the Platform Professionals™, you may find the answer in our FAQ document. To download the Platform Professionals™ FAQs click here PDF File   PPS FAQs

Platform Professionals™ Declaration

If you wish to attend a Platform Professionals™ Event and are not a current CSP, then you must meet the eligibility requirement of earning $300,000 in speaking related revenue in the past 12 months. Complete the Platform Professionals™ Earning Declaration and email it to

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