For Speaking Professionals who want to work smarter, not harder.

A PSA Owned Coaching System That Accelerates Your Speaking Productivity & Profits

Discover How You Can Leverage Your Business and Skyrocket Your Sales in Just 6 Months …

Using a proven system that leverages the missed (and costly) opportunities in your speaking business,

So that you can close and convert more sales,

Without having to be salesy or pushy in your marketing!

Cash Flow Peaks and Troughs, Issues & Ignorance is Threatening Your Business’ Potential and…

  • Keeps you stuck in a frustrating and costly “Groundhog Day” loop, always struggling to find new clients and build momentum (which is costing you sales and clients…)
  • Threatens financial hardship and impacts on your creative ‘state of mind’!
  • Steals your ability to live with joy and happiness and instead keeps you stuck in stress and burnout mode…

Is This You?

  • You’re caught in the Cash-flow Curves: You work hard and bust your guts trying to take your professional speaking / training / coaching business to the next level. But at times, making the quarterly BAS payment feels worse than taking blood from your first born! Good money flows, then you get busy delivering, then
    come up for air and notice the pipeline has gone dry.
  • You can’t switch off because you’re trying to up level your business. Instead of enjoying quality family time at night, and enjoying your time off work, you end up having to do admin work, proposals or try and get creative with your online social media, when you should be recharging and relaxing.
  • You want a systemised business that gives you time freedom, that allows you to maximise your effectiveness and benefit from all the hard work you’re investing right now.


You Can’t Afford to Ignore The 3 Reasons Why Many Speakers are Struggling to Be Productive & Profitable Right Now

Reason #1 — You procrastinate on doing the marketing and sales for your business, because selling feels just icky and you’re unsure as to how you can best leverage your sales & marketing skills and expertise without coming across as salesy. To quote Winston March CSP, “You need to be a better marketer of what you do, than a doer of what you do!”

Reason #2 — Your struggle with sales fails to convert the prospects into sales with more ease. This customer acquisition trap is costing you tens of thousands of dollars in missed revenue & profits every year and damages your reputation.

Reason #3 — You fail to leverage opportunities that convert existing customers into longer term clients and that shortsightedness is costing you dearly—in missed profits AND precious time.

The 6-month PSA owned and operated BOOST! program can show you how you can…

  • Boost your business revenue and profits.
  • Skyrocket your wealth and time freedom.
  • Attract more of your ideal customers, with more ease.
  • Convert prospects into long term clients, instead of one-time customers.

Meet Ian Stephens CSP – PSA’s BOOST! program Convener and Lead Coach …

Who Am I and Why You Can Trust Me…and PSA

Hi, I’m Ian Stephens. I’m a Public Speaker, Trainer and Peak Performance Coach for Small Business Owners, Sales Professionals and Corporate Leaders.

Taking the lead coach role in the PSA BOOST! program allows me to give back to the PSA and pay it forward. Many members of PSA have helped me over the years, and together with the BOOST! CSP Faculty members, I look forward to contributing to your business growth. Please note: Everyone involved in the BOOST! Program does so on a volunteer basis. No one is paid, and yet we are committed to PSA and serving our members.

I’m also the published author of 4 books and the creator of 11 online resources that help small business owners and corporate leaders amplify their sales, leadership, personal and business results. I’m also the founder of 3 successful 6-month Master-Mind Coaching groups I run regularly for Sales Professionals, Sales Leaders and CEO’s.

My work has taken me to 29 countries over 24 years, and in 2020 PSA honoured me with the Educator Award for Excellence and the Nevin Award (PSA’s highest honour). I don’t say that to impress you, but to impress on you that I would be an idiot not to notice the patterns of high achieving speakers / trainers / coaches or facilitators (who are also small business owners like me!).

And during the BOOST! Program, you get access to PSA’s elite – CSP’s who understand the business of professional speaking, have made all the mistakes for you, and are prepared to share their wisdom so you can get ahead faster.

Together with my dedicated support crew of passionate CSPs, I look forward to helping a small but serious group of professionals who are committed to up-levelling their results, and getting traction … FAST!

BOOST!… a 6-month Coaching Program that Leverages Your business and Skyrockets Your Sales!

Who is This For?

  • Limited to speakers, trainers, MC’s, Coaches and/or facilitators who make a living from speaking and want to convert more opportunities
  • People who do not compete in the same specialist space in their local geographical location (You may need to go on a waiting list)
  • By application and/or invitation process only. A selection criteria exists to ensure BOOST! is limited to speaking professionals who are serious about up levelling.
  • Ready to skyrocket your wealth, with growing sustainable business profits.
  • Looking for savvier ways and methods to market your business so that you can leverage your skills and expertise.
  • Interested in ethical selling that feels aligned with your values and mission and that actually feels enjoyable to you.

Ready to Take a Peek Inside BOOST!?

As per the BOOST! over-arching model below, you will get clear on your vision in comparison to your current reality. From here the program is designed to accelerate momentum towards your vision, and importantly DO THE WORK on eliminating limiting beliefs, barriers and obstacles that are holding you back. You will release the brakes and hit the accelerator.

The program drills deep into the 3 curriculum areas represented by the interlocking circles above:

  1. Mindset & Personal Effectiveness,
  2. Advanced Influencing Skills, and
  3. Sales & Marketing.

All sessions have been deliberately designed to ensure shifts happen with your beliefs and values. You develop the skills and knowledge to leap-frog your business, and skyrocket your revenue and profit.

Success in any business is 80% psychology and 20% strategy.

Understand how to harness the power of the conscious and sub-conscious mind to accelerate your momentum towards the business results you want and enjoy the time-freedom to benefit from all the hard work.

Get access to the ‘Belief Barrier Buster’ tool which involves dealing with that one negative piece of self-talk that is literally holding you and your business back.

Explode Your Business

Learning a powerful ‘thinking model’ which helps you (and your PA or VA) understand how to balance the three critical activities required to secure your monthly cash-flow and your annual revenue and profit targets; finding & attracting new customers, converting them, and keeping & growing them over time.

You will be equipped with a simple way of keeping yourself honest and accountable around doing the key activities that drive sales in your business.

Discover the Magic of Sales & Marketing in a Speakers World

Most professionals who speak need to be better marketers versus being better doers! You’re technically good at what you do, or you have trained to become great in front of your audience, and rock the platform.

But you didn’t quite realise that you would have to put on a ‘Sales and Marketing’ hat regularly in order to attract, convert, and then keep the clients coming back for more.

Amongst other things, we will explore the effectiveness of your website landing page; how does it stack up against The WOW Web-site Weaver Checklist of the 5 things your home page MUST have if you are going to catch and convert more traffic … and profit!

Master Sales Without Selling: the Art of Non-Salesy Selling

People love spending and buying, but HATE being sold too! You know this and hate the thought of being perceived as a sales person (That’s the last reason you got into this business!) In the BOOST! Program we reveal a simple and learn-able framework to position your products or service in a non-salesy way. Let’s explore a 4 step methodology which ensures you never have to sell!

You’ll discover how to shine not sell – and understand the customer in a way that they want to take advantage of your services, because it meets a demand or requirement.

Discover the 2 common mistakes which are literally wrecking your business growth potential, and become aware of how to avoid them! Finally, you are shown how to build a simple tool you and any team members can use to fast-track rapport levels and conversions with any potential customer.

Convert & Cash Profits:

Let’s tune into how you (and any staff) can easily become revenue and sales convertors in a way that makes the customer feel like they have never been sold to. You learn a simple and repeat-able 3-step formula to offer your products and services in a way that the client says ‘absolutely – it’s a no brainer that I should move forward because what you are offering actually meets my needs, requirements and my urgent wants!’ They don’t feel sold to, and view you as a trusted advisor and expert they want to do business with.

Armed with our understanding of the tools you learn during BOOST!, we also shatter some un-resourceful beliefs you may have about selling, handling those horrible objections and converting opportunities. We learn a new way that puts all that behind you and sets you up to leverage your business and maximise opportunities that are already coming to you.

As a 6-month BOOST! member your privileges include:

  • 12 x fortnightly quick and easy on-line modules (Valued at $3,000.00)
  • 6 x monthly ‘group coaching’ national on-line webinars hosted by Ian Stephens CSP (Valued at $3,000.00) and the occasional ‘Subject Matter Expert’ guest.
  • 2 x private on-line coaching sessions with Ian Stephens and/or a CSP from our BOOST! Panel – one conducted at the start of the BOOST! program, and another around the mid-point just as you start gaining real traction (Valued at $1500.00)
  • The in-person BOOST! Masterclass Workshop at convention – Imagine experiencing the equivalent of a mini CSP Platform Professional Summit normally reserved for high earning speakers, and gaining gems which will grow your business, profit and time-freedom! (Valued at $595.00). As part of the BOOST! Alumni you can attend this exclusive workshop at any future conventions as well. PRICELESS!
  • Ian Stephens’ ‘Sales Professional Platinum Package’ of resources/ books/ and downloadable video clips, along with several other resources from proven CSP practitioners (Valued at $500.00 RRP)


Your PSA BOOST! Coaching program investment: Total Cost $4,500.00 – High Value/Low cost with compliments of PSA and the CSP Faculty Members

Option 1:
Spread over 3 months – $550.00 initial deposit, followed by 2 monthly instalments of $1975.00

Option 2:
Invest your entire membership in one lump sum of $3950.00 and save a further generous $550.00

Option 3:

In-take 6 only, Covid Cashflow Plan. 6 monthly instalments of $750.00.


Why should you do this Program? Watch these Video testimonials from Jonathan Holloway CSP, Anne Riches CSP, Phil Preston and Cyriel Kortleven CSP, BOOST! program participants:

“If you are shy about the sales process, the BOOST! program helps you get over it. It gives provides strategies to strategically prospect and secure business and relationships. The advice that Ian gave resulted in me securing significant pieces of business as well as providing large cash flow benefits.” Greg Mowbray – The Better Leadership Guy and BOOST! participant 2020

“I found BOOST! helpful in terms of gaining clarity and getting back to basics re the direction and marketing of my practice. Ian is a very down to earth and experienced coach and practitioner who knows his stuff and genuinely cares about making a positive difference.” Phil Lee – BOOST! participant, intake 2, 2018

Not Sure This is Worth Your Investment?
You Get PSA’s 200% Rock Solid Money Back Guarantee!

We don’t believe in taking money from people who are not 100% convinced that the BOOST! program is helping them. In the unlikely event that you’re not happy by the end of month 1, and you are not 100% satisfied that BOOST! will help you, we will give you a 100% refund on your investment, with no questions asked. Deal?


Applications are now open for 2021 BOOST! intake 6.


If you have any queries, please reach out to the BOOST! Program Convenor,
Ian Stephens CSP on 0403 175 794.

Note: Eligibility conditions apply

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