Our History
Our History

For more than 30 years, our members have been speaking on Platforms and Stages, and in Boardrooms and Events of every size, supporting the meeting and events, conference industry in Australia.

Members of our Industry Peak Body, Professional Speakers Australia are the standard bearers of expertise from their speaking craft and mastery of their topic, along with a heart-felt commitment to integrity and community.

Professional Speakers Australia was originally founded as two separate but collaborative Chapters in NSW and Victoria.

Both were convened at meetings in October 1986, with an agreement to commence formally in January 1987. In Sydney at the Wentworth Hotel, John Nevin convened a meeting along with Doug Malouf, Walter Dickman, Ron Tacchi, Peter Doig, John Lane-Smith, Dianne Minter, Ted Mackness, Iven Frangi and others. A few days later in Melbourne at the MCG Hotel, Gary Glenn was joined by Winston Marsh, Colin Bockman, Wayne Berry, Lisa McInnes-Smith, Leonie Collins, Daniel Johnston and others.

Several of these founding members, and others such as Allan Pease CSP, had been members of the National Speakers Association in the USA and were keen to see our own Association developed.

The Queensland Chapter commenced in 1987. After a brief recess it recommenced in 1993.

In 1993 Ann Villiers and Kerry Nairn co-founded the ACT Chapter, with support from the NSW Chapter. In 1994, with the zeal of Robyn Henderson CSP as driver and supporter, the South Australian Chapter commenced under the leadership of David Griggs PM, Past National President, Life Member and Nevin Award Recipient. In the same year, also with Robyn’s support the West Australian Chapter launched under the leadership of David Julian Price, CSP, Past National President, Life Member and Nevin Award Recipient.

The association was initially founded as National Speakers Association of Australia and changed its name to Professional Speakers Australia in 2015.

Life Members

  • John Nevin (dec.)
  • Joan Saxton (dec.)
  • Doug Malouf CSP
  • Walter Dickman CSP (dec.)
  • Lisa McInnes-Smith CSP CPAE
  • Winston Marsh CSP
  • Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP
  • David Griggs CSP
  • David Julian Price CSP
  • Lindsay Adams CSP
  • Allan Pease CSP
  • Glenn Capelli CSP

Current and Past National Presidents

  • 2021-2022 Jon Yeo
  • 2020-2021 Tony Eades
  • 2019-2020 Russell Pearson
  • 2018-2019 Tarran Deane
  • 2017-18 Warwick Merry
  • 2016-17 Michael McQueen
  • 2014-16 Winston Marsh
  • 2013 Michael Neaylon
  • 2012 Margo Halbert
  • 2011 Tony Ryan
  • 2010 David Koutsoukis
  • 2009 Brad Tonini
  • 2008 Kevin Ryan
  • 2007 Rodney Marks
  • 2006 Lindsay Adams
  • 2005 Helen Macdonald
  • 2004 Charles Kovess
  • 2003 Ian Berry
  • 2002 Candy Tymson
  • 2001 Sarah Cornally
  • 2000 Sarah Cornally
  • 1999 David Griggs
  • 1998 David Griggs
  • 1997 David Price
  • 1996 David Price
  • 1995 Max Hitchins
  • 1994 Catherine Palin-Brinkworth
  • 1993 Catherine Palin-Brinkworth
  • 1992 Winston Marsh
  • 1991 Winston Marsh
  • 1990 Lisa McInnes-Smith
  • 1989 Lisa McInnes-Smith
  • 1988 John Nevin
  • 1987 John Nevin


Meet the 2018-2019 Leadership | Chapter Presidents and PSA Board Professional Speakers Australia with Tarran Deane Leadership Speaker  IMG_8960Speaking Industry Awards | Professional Speakers Australia Annual Gala Dinner and Industry Awards will be held Saturday 23 March 2019 at our psaconvention.com.au Nominate NOW for the Awards via www.professionalspeakers.org.auProfessional Speakers Australia | Our History www.professionalspeakers.org.au - with Tarran Deane, Leadership Keynote Speaker,  National President 2018-2019 and Nic Hayes, MediaStable 2018-2020 Strategic Alliance Partners IMG_8551Western Australian Chapter Members PAula Smith CSP and Todd Hutchison CSP with Tarran Deane Leadership Speaker  National President Professional Speakers Australia 2018-2019 IMG_8554WA Chapter with National President Tarran Deane Leadership Keynote Speaker, 2018-2019 Professional Speakers Australia IMG_8589Professional Speakers Australia | Our History www.professionalspeakers.org.auGovernance and Leadership | Volunteering - Do you have what it takes to serve on the state chapter leadership teams or as a PSA Board Director? Meet the 2018-2019 Leadership | Chapter Presidents and PSA Board Professional Speakers Australia with Tarran Deane Leadership Speaker

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