Membership Levels
Membership Levels

Professional Speakers Australia is the speaking industry’s peak body for experts who inform, inspire and influence. It is a unique community of speaking professionals who are recognised as experts in the Speaking Profession. As an Association, members place great importance on meeting together regularly to share, grow and excel in the craft and business of professional speaking.

Professional Member | Apply at Any Time if You Are New to PSA

In order to qualify for membership at Professional Member level, you must have a verified income of $50,000 per annum in speaking-related revenue and have a demonstrated commitment to PSA’s Code of Professional Conduct. Professional Membership entitles you to a range of exclusive professional development opportunities and discounts on product and services, voting rights plus much more.

We also encourage you to understand the PSA 8 Core Competencies

If you are new to the Association and would like to join as a Professional Member please select the Professional Member option on the Membership Application page and complete the application process.

If you had been a PSA Affiliate or Provisional Member and qualify and would like to become a Professional Member you need to complete and provide the following documentation to the PSA Secretaiat. (To determine if you are eligible to apply, please contact the PSA Secretariat) :

  • A signed copy agreeing to abide by the PSA Code of Professional Conduct
  • A Statutory Declaration verifying income of $50,000 pa from speaking related activity; and
  • A signed authority to verify income by your accountant

These documents as well as a Membership Checklist and Definition for Speaking Related Income can be downloaded here.

Please complete the required forms and forward to the PSA Secretariat by email or post to PO Box 448, Warrandyte, VIC 3113. The Secretariat will forward a membership invoice for payment on receipt of the completed Professional Member documents.

Certified Speaking Professional (CSP)

The Certified Speaking Professional designation, is the speaking industry’s international measure of professional platform skill. The CSP designation is conferred by Professional Speakers Australia only on those speakers who have earned it by meeting strict qualifying criteria. The letters CSP following a speaker’s name identify that speaker as a speaking professional with a proven track record for understanding and delivering value from the platform. Speakers must be a member of PSA for 6 months before applying for accreditation to CSP. More information and the Accreditation requirements for CSP can be found on the Accreditation Page.

For more information on the features and benefits of PSA go to the Member Benefits page.

CSP Emeritus

Long-standing CSPs are welcome to apply for CSP Emeritus where they wish to remain a valued community member of PSA and yet they have ceased to proactively seek speaking engagements and ceased to actively generate income from Professional Speaking for each of the last two years prior to lodging a CSP Emeritus application.  PSA requires the criteria as defined in the Application and Statutory Declaration to be met, importantly recognising CSP Emeritus provides an opportunity for our association to value and retain the input, expertise and wisdom of individual CSPs.

Completed: Phasing Out of Affiliate & Provisional Member | August 2016 – December 31, 2018

Consolidating a 2 1/2 year change process, Professional Speakers Australia shifted from a 4 tiered down to a 2 tiered membership level organisation effective December 31, 2018. We thank all our voting members who have confirmed this transition to an organisation of stature. As the industry peak body for those who are in the Speaking business, our Professional Member and CSP Designations will reflect the high standing and proven confidence PSA members are held in within our industry.

Aspiring speakers, previous affiliates and provisional members all revert to the title of “GUEST” or “VISITOR”. Guests will always be welcome to our public events including annual convention and chapter events, paying a non-member fee to register their attendance.

On January 1st 2019 the Affiliate level ceased. Take advantage of the support and resources necessary to qualify for PSA membership including  PSA Chapter events.

Phone: 1300 739 993 or 03 9844 5511 | | P.O. Box 448 Warrandyte, Victoria, 3113 | Fax: 1300 766 673

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