About Us
About Us

The Speaking Industry in Australia

The rise of professional speakers in Australia has grown through a variety of modalities. From the keynote and plenary stages, to breakouts and workshop sessions at Conventions, conferences and large-scale meetings and events throughout the country, to in House training and development presentations, and professional speakers hosting their own Public Events, Podcasts and Promotional retreats and activities, buyers and audience members can have confidence in the capability, content and professionalism of our association members.

Professional Speakers Australia has been the backbone of the industry here for the past 30 years. With a strong commitment to enhancing the skills and empowering the individual, PSA is renowned for the sense of COMMUNITY we create and display at our own monthly state chapter meetings, CSP Certified Professional Speaker “Platform Professionals™” Masterclasses, BOOST! Coaching Program for Professional Members and our Annual #PSAConvention.

We back ourselves as entrepreneurs with a Message.

We are a not for profit organisation.

We are part of the Global Speakers Federation.

When you belong to PSA, you are part of a world-wide community of Professional Speakers, that no matter WHERE you go to serve and deliver your message, you can be confident you have the support and backing of an Association that stands behind you and runs alongside you CHEERING you on.


Now every day in Australia at literally hundreds of events ranging from small team sales meetings and service group dinners, to huge corporate conventions and multinational conferences, professional speakers go about their business of presenting ideas, information, views and values to inform, inspire and influence both the audience and the organisers.

When a Professional Member, or Certified Speaking Professional – CSP, Member commits to deliver a message, they enter as a business leader in their own right. They reflect our PSA Core 8 Competencies and the values upon which we stand, and they know their stuff!

Who We Are

Professional Speakers Australia was established in 1987. The Association was a founding member of the Global Speakers Federation and is one of only two national associations which grants the international Certified Speaking Professional designation.

It is the only independent association peak body in Australia representing the members of the professional speaking industry. It exists to develop, promote and uphold the highest possible standards for the benefit of both its members, the clients they serve and the industry at large. Any person who has an interest in the speaking industry whether professional speaker or supplier, is eligible to apply for membership and accreditation at the appropriate level. Members and guests are welcome to our Public events including monthly Chapter meetings and the Annual Convention.


What We Do


The mission of Professional Speakers Australia is to ensure the standard of excellence in the profession of speaking and to promote professional speaking through:

  • A belief in and adherence to the highest standard of ethics.
  • Demonstrated professional competence.
  • A commitment to continued development of expertise and knowledge.
  • A responsibility to clients and to the professional services we provide.
  • Monthly Chapter Meetings in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.
  • Professional Development Workshops in Chapters based on 8 Professional Speaking Competencies.
  • Designation Levels.
  • Online and printed directory of accredited members.
  • Website discussion board and social media chat groups
  • Voices of Experience Podcast programs through our GSF sister organisation NSA
  • Annual PSA Convention, held on the eastern seaboard of Australia, usually March / April
  • Certified Professional Speakers dedicated one-day Masterclasses, called

    Platform Professionals™

  • PSA’s Membership of Global Speakers Federation provides individual PSA members with reciprocal rights to services and events internationally at member rates.
  • Networking with experts and peers in the profession.
  • Opportunities for mentoring through developing professional relationships.
  • Code of Professional Conduct.


Life Members

A select group of people are Life Members of Professional Speakers in recognition of their great service to the Association and the speaking profession in Australia.

Code of Professional Conduct

Members of Professional Speakers abide by a Code of Professional Conduct. To ensure that these are maintained to the highest standards, there is a standard procedure for dealing with complaints.

Our Values

Professional Speakers strives to be recognized as an organization of stature in the business and broader community.

Our Association Values are an important guide to members, the business and broader community about who we are and what we stand for as members of Professional Speakers Australia. Our Values are guiding principles to assist our individual and collective thoughts, words, decisions and actions.

In their most practical use, our Association Values are used as a reference point for decision making, particularly at board or chapter leadership level especially in regard to policy.

Our Association Core Values

Community – An understanding that we are part of a local and international community of people who use the power of the word and share the platform to enrich the potential of ourselves and others. Our community embraces generosity in sharing our gifts, talents, knowledge, expertise and experience and a willingness to respect and accept the legitimacy of alternate opinions and experiences and to strive to work together to give and receive reciprocal value.

Growth – An attitude supported by thought and action to continually challenge mediocrity in ourselves, personally and collectively in the many pursuits and facets of our lives.

Possibility Thinking – An open-mindedness to pursue the potential of success, to embrace technology and through our own personal empowerment to assist others find their own possible futures.

Integrity – To promise and commit to that which we can and ought to deliver and to deliver on those promises to the best of our abilities; to act congruently with the behaviours and messages we present on and off the platform.

Along with and above our Core Values, the ethical standards of the Association and the Code of Professional Conduct prevail.

Phone: 1300 739 993 or 03 9844 5511 | admin@professionalspeakers.org.au | P.O. Box 448 Warrandyte, Victoria, 3113 | Fax: 1300 766 673

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