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The speaking industry in Australia

Until recently the role of a professional speaker in Australia hardly existed. Companies and organisations seeking people to address conferences and meetings relied largely on finding people with something to say who could be cajoled to say it.

The increasing pace of change, the heightened sophistication of audiences and the focus on achieving results led to the demand for a better answer and a new role was created that of professional speaker. A role to be filled by someone who could present information of interest and value in an interesting and valuable way.

And now, in Australia every day, at literally hundreds of events ranging from small team sales meetings and service group dinners to huge corporate conventions and multi national conferences, professional speakers go about their business of presenting ideas, information, views and values to entertain, enthralls, educate and energize both the audience and the organisers.

Who we are

National Speakers was established in 1987. The Association was a founding member of the
Global Speakers Federation and is one of only two national associations which grants the international Certified Speaking Professional designation.

It is the only professional body in Australia representing the members of the professional speaking industry. It exists to develop, promote and uphold the highest possible standards for the benefit of both its members and the public they serve. Any person who has an interest in the speaking industry whether speaker or supplier, seasoned professional or raw recruit is eligible to apply for membership and accreditation at the appropriate level.

What we do


The mission of National Speakers is to ensure the standard of excellence in the profession of speaking and to promote professional speaking through:

  • A belief in and adherence to the highest standard of ethics.
  • Demonstrated professional competence.
  • A commitment to continued development of expertise and knowledge.
  • A responsibility to clients and to the profession services we provide
  • Monthly Chapter Meetings in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide & Perth
  • Professional Devt Workshops in Chapters as scheduled based on 8 Professional Speaking Competencies
  • Designation Levels
  • On line and Printed Directory of Accredited members
  • Website discussion board and chat rooms
  • Professional Speaker Magazine (10 issues per annum)
  • Voices of Experience audio programs (10 issues per annum)
  • Annual convention
  • Certified Professional Speakers Forums
  • Membership of Global Speakers Federation with reciprocal rights to services and events internationally
  • Networking with experts and peers in the profession
  • Opportunities for mentoring through developing professional relationships
  • Code of Conduct

Life Members

A select group of people are Life Members of National Speakers in recognition of their great service to the Association and the speaking profession in Australia.

Code of Conduct

Members of National Speakers abide by a Code of Conduct. To ensure that these are maintained to the highest standards, there is a standard procedure for dealing with complaints.

Our Values

National Speakers strives to be recognized as an organization of stature in the business and broader community.

Our Association Values are an important guide to members, the business and broader community about who we are and what we stand for as members of National Speakers. Our Values are guiding principles to assist our individual and collective thoughts, words, decisions and actions.

In their most practical use, our Association Values are used as a reference point for decision making, particularly at board or chapter leadership level especially in regard to policy.

Our Association Core Values

Community - An understanding that we are part of a local and international community of people who use the power of the word and share the platform to enrich the potential of ourselves and others. Our community embraces generosity in sharing our gifts, talents, knowledge, expertise and experience and a willingness to respect and accept the legitimacy of alternate opinions and experiences and to strive to work together to give and receive reciprocal value.

Growth - An attitude supported by thought and action to continually challenge mediocrity in ourselves, personally and collectively in the many pursuits and facets of our lives.

Possibility Thinking - An open-mindedness to pursue the potential of success, to embrace technology and through our own personal empowerment to assist others find their own possible futures.

Integrity - To promise and commit to that which we can and ought to deliver and to deliver on those promises to the best of our abilities; to act congruently with the behaviours and messages we present on and off the platform.

Along with and above our Core Values, the ethical standards of the Association and the Code of Conduct prevail.

Our Ethics

Code of Professional Conduct

To establish and maintain public confidence in the professionalism, honesty, ability and integrity of a professional speaker is fundamental to the future success of National Speakers, its members, and the profession of speaking.

To this end, members have adopted and, as a condition of membership, agree to abide by this Code of Professional Ethics. By doing so, the members give notice that they recognise the vital need to preserve and encourage fair and equitable practices among all who are engaged in the profession of speaking.

Members are dedicated individuals sincerely concerned with the interests of all who come in contact with the profession. To this end, members commit to this Professional Pledge:

  • I pledge myself to honesty and integrity; to pursue my profession and education to the end that service to my clients shall always be the highest possible level.
  • I pledge myself to seek and maintain an equitable, honourable and co-operative association with fellow members and with all others who may become a part of my business and professional life.
  • I pledge myself to comply with the standards of National Speakers as set forth in its rules and this Code of Professional Conduct.

Article 1 - A member shall accurately represent qualifications and experience in both oral and written communications.

Article 2 - A member shall act and speak on a high professional level so as to neither offend nor bring discredit to the speaking profession.

Article 3 - A member shall exert due diligence in understanding a clients' organisation, approaches and goals in advance of a presentation.

Article 4 - A member shall avoid using materials, titles and thematic creations originated by others, either orally or in writing, unless all appropriate permission has been granted or recognition in compliance with the laws of copyright is given to the author.

Article 5 - A member is encouraged to share knowledge and experience with others.

Article 6 - A member shall treat other speakers with professional courtesy and dignity.

Article 7 - A member shall limit services to those areas in which the member is qualified to serve, taking into consideration available opportunities for the member to develop new materials or undertake new fields. When unable or unqualified to fulfil requests for presentations, the member shall make every effort to recommend the services of other qualified speakers, agencies or bureaux.

Article 8 - A member shall maintain the trust of clients, and fidelity concerning their business or personal affairs of a client, agents and other speakers who may reveal confidential information.

Article 9 - A member shall protect the public against fraud or unfair practices and shall attempt to eliminate from the speaking profession all practices which bring discredit to the profession.

Article 10 - A member shall not be a party to any agreement to unfairly limit or restrain access to the marketplace by any other speaker, client or the public, based upon economics factors, race, creed colour, sex, age, physical or intellectual disability or the country of national origin of another speaker.

Article 11 - Breaches of this Code shall be determined in accordance with the rules, policies and procedures of the National Speakers Association of Australia Ltd. Disciplinary actions shall be instituted in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the Association. Any such disciplinary action shall be final and binding upon the member and without recourse to the Association, its officers, members or staff except as otherwise provided by the applicable law.

Our History

National Speakers was originally founded as two separate but collaborative Chapters in NSW and Victoria.

Both were convened at meetings in October 1986, with an agreement to commence formally in January 1987. In Sydney at the Wentworth Hotel, John Nevin convened a meeting along with Doug Malouf, Walter Dickman, Ron Tacchi, Peter Doig, John Lane-Smith, Dianne Minter, Ted Mackness, Iven Frangi and others. A few days later in Melbourne at the MCG Hotel, Gary Glenn was joined by Winston Marsh, Colin Bockman, Wayne Berry, Lisa McInnes-Smith, Leonie Collins, Daniel Johnston and others.

Several of these founding members, and others such as Allan Pease CSP, had been members of the National Speakers Association in the USA and were keen to see our own Association developed.

The Queensland Chapter commenced in 1987. After a brief recess it recommenced in 1993.

In 1993 Ann Villiers and Kerry Nairn co-founded the ACT Chapter, with support from the NSW Chapter. In 1994, with the zeal of Robyn Henderson CSP as driver and supporter, the South Australian Chapter commenced under the leadership of David Griggs PM, Past National President, Life Member and Nevin Award Recipient. In the same year, also with Robyn’s support the West Australian Chapter launched under the leadership of David Julian Price, CSP, Past National President, Life Member and Nevin Award Recipient.

Life Members

  • John Nevin
  • Doug Malouf CSP
  • Walter Dickman CSP (dec.)
  • Lisa McInnes-Smith CSP CPAE
  • Winston Marsh CSP
  • Catherine Palin-Brinkworth CSP
  • David Griggs CSP
  • David Julian Price CSP
  • Lindsay Adams CSP

Upcoming Events

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VIC/TAS Chapter Event - April 28
VIC/TAS Chapter Event - April 28


VIC/TAS Chapter Event

VIC/TAS Chapter Event - April 28

  • Theme: VIC/TAS Chapter Event
  • Date: 28-Apr-2014
  • Time: 5.30pm
    Bonus Pre-session: 5.30 pm
    Dinner: 6.15pm buffet dinner
    Event Start: 7.00 pm
    Finish: 9.00 pm
  • Venue: Airlie House, Airlie House, cnr. Punt & Domain Rds, South Yarra
    Parking: Airlie has free parking on site and other parking in the surrounding streets. Quick note: You can park behind other cars onsite. Dietary Requirements: If you have any dietary requirements please ensure that you let us know as soon as possible for catering purposed. Thank you.

Due to Easter Monday public holiday on 21 April, we’ve decided to let you enjoy the entire long weekend.

So we have not scheduled our next event on the third Monday of the month as usual, but on Monday 28 April.

Know First, Be First, Profit First - the Future of the Speaking Industry

Craig RispinLearn about the business, people and technology trends transforming business around the world. Craig will show you the driving forces impacting the speaking industry – and give you specific ideas to gain a strategic advantage.

Do you know the major trends that will affect your business in the next few years? Do you have a strategy to deal with them? How can you possibly plan without knowing all the driving forces having an impact on your business and industry?

See exactly how to profit from the massive changes ahead.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Business, People and Technology Trends Transforming Commerce
  • How These Trends Impact One Another, and Drive Change Faster
  • What the Future of Work Will Be Like – and How to Be Part of It

This event will sell out fast so get in early to discover what the future holds for you.

A little taste of Craig at Work

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  • Members: $65.00 ( Early Bird )
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  • Non-Members: $95.00

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QLD | NT Chapter Event - Your Digital Footprint
QLD | NT Chapter Event - Your Digital Footprint

QLD | NT Chapter Event

QLD | NT Chapter Event - 2 May 2014

  • Theme: Your Digital Footprint
  • Date: 02-May-2014
  • Time: 7am - 9am
    7am welcome and registration 7:30am Start 9am Finish - kick on downstairs at the Coffee Bar
  • Venue: The Point, The Eagles Nest 21 Lambert Street Kangaroo Point QLD

Breakfast is the Buzz for the NEXT Qld Chapter Event

The next NSAA event in Qld is a power packed professional development BREAKFAST in the amazing Eagles’ Nest room at the Point Hotel on FRIDAY, May 2 2014.

Arrive at 7 am for a 7.30 SHARP start. A plated breakfast will be served in Brisbane’s best venue, before we wrap up at 9 am.
We promised to mix it up in 2014 and add some ZING! This special breakfast event on Friday, May 2 is instead of an April event. The month of April was too crowded with Easter, school holidays and ANZAC Day.

Digital Footprint Specialists Peter Brewer and Tara Christianson will add a real Professional Development punch to your breakfast. Sort your digital strategy and learn about powerful productivity tools and techniques in this value packed session.

In this fast-paced hands on workshop, online marketing specialist Tara Christianson, direct from the USA, joins seasoned local professional Peter Brewer to explore the latest internet marketing trends and to help attendees to create an online strategy that’s guaranteed to start your Digital Twin selling YOU and your business 24/7.

This month's meeting is on Friday 2nd May 2014.

Your Digital Twin

  • What does your Digital Twin say about YOU?
  • Do you have a genuine structured online strategy?
  • Are you missing out on valuable business?
  • Like to know how to create your Digital Twin?

*Bonus session on Productivity Apps to help you run your business  ‘Anywhere-Anytime’ will follow the main session.  If you’re looking to get the most out of your mobile devices, you must attend this bonus 20 minute session.



A long-time advocate and early adopter of online technology,

Tara consults, trains and speaks in both on- and offline forums, while relentlessly pursuing the best strategies for individuals and companies in utilising technology to its best benefit.  

How can I help you?



Peter has transitioned from being the Principal of his own real estate brokerage and Chairman of one of Australia’s top real estate companies, to being a highly respected and sought-after international speaker, coach, consultant and digital and social media strategist. 

He’s a speaker, educator, and crusader, on a mission to ensure that smart small businesses and smart business people treat “social” and the online space with the respect it deserves.  He teaches and works hands-on with individuals, associations and companies to help their businesses get found on the “interwebs” for all the right reasons.

Are you happy with your online profile? Maybe we need to chat?

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Book Now to secure your Early Bird rate.

  • Members: $65.00 ( Early Bird )
  • Members: $85.00
  • Non-Members: $75.00 ( Early Bird )
  • Non-Members: $95.00

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NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 22 May 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 22 May 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 19 June 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 19 June 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 17 July 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 17 July 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 21 August 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 21 August 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 18 September 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event - 18 September 2014
NSW | ACT Chapter Event
NSW | ACT Chapter Event
NSW | ACT Chapter Event
NSW | ACT Chapter Event